Reviewing the governance of complex group structures2019-03-28T21:45:23+00:00

Project Description

Reviewing the governance of complex group structures

Governance in complex group structures can be problematic and I carried out a review of the governance structure of an international education organisation which operated as a federation in several jurisdictions throughout the world. Reputational risk was key due to the sensitivity of the donor base and the environment the charity operated in. While reputational risk may not be considered a risk in its own right, it can have a significant impact on the strategy and success of an organisation. Our review involved interviewing key members of the Board, Audit Committee, Finance Committee, CEO and Senior Management, both in the UK and internationally. Key findings related to improving the flexibility of decision making at Board and Committee level, improving communication throughout the organisation, and the identification of risks relating to the sharing of the organisation’s brand internationally. It also highlighted a number of cultural issues in the group and was used as a tool to open discussions on the future of structure.