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Project Description

Making the statutory accounts a more interesting read

Unless you are an auditor most people do not find the statutory accounts of an independent school a riveting read. However, they are one of the few publicly available documents with information about the school and can be a useful communication tool. We know that increasingly parents are carrying out their own due diligence and developing the governors’ report to reflect some of the key messages of the school could be an opportunity. I have worked with a number of schools to build in marketing and communication messages to better reflect the achievements and impact of the school but also the way the school presents itself. I have also helped to present better the how the school has developed relationships and supported the community and other schools in their areas focussing on public benefit reporting. For a particular large senior school I worked with the bursar and head to reduce the size of the governors’ report by half, sharpen the key messages and reordered the report to tell the finance and governance story in a more engaging way.