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My passion has always been to challenge the charity and education sector and I was recently described as a positive disruptor. Was this a compliment or not? On further thought, I think it is possibly the thing I have been most proud of in my career to date.

My exceptional experience as a partner in two firms of chartered accountants, as an audit and advisory partner to numerous independent school and charity clients and my 14 years as a governor and a trustee has enabled me to establish “Sam Coutinho – Focusing on Risk”. I bring bespoke risk management and governance advice to enable charities and schools to be confidently compliant in an environment that requires agility, creativity and more managed risk taking.

I have always questioned whether doing what we have always done in the way that we have always done it, is going to drive the organisation to be the best it can be. Since launched the company in 2019 I have helped clients to challenge the way they look at governance and risk and in turn help them to achieve their strategic objectives.

It would be great to work with you so please get in touch if you are ready to be positively disrupted.

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While there are many challenges facing the sector I have set out below what I believe are the two areas that all senior executives and trustees should be focussing on now.


Without strong financial management you cannot achieve strategic success.
Do you know how strong your financial management is?


A good risk process does not mean your risk management is good. How effective is your risk management and will it identify the risks that can break your organisation?


Does your charity require an independent examination?


Is your board operating efficiently and effectively?